Is there anything like Synthesia for theory?

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Post by usernamenumber » 03-11-15 11:46 am, I'm not even really sure what that would look like, but I figured I'd at least ask.

Some background: I play drums and sing, which I sometimes (semi-)joke are the two types of musical performance that require the least actual knowledge of music, which is at least true for me. My band is working on an album and I want to be able to contribute more to the process than lyrics and drum parts, so I've been using Synthesia to get more comfortable with a keyboard. What I really need on top of that is a deeper understanding of theory like "ok, I've plunked out a melody that I think has potential, now how do I build chords around it, other than just guessing and seeing what sounds the least horrible?"

It would be great if there was a decent interactive tutorial (meaning spending as much time doing guided experimentation at the keyboard vs just listening/reading) that I could work through at my own pace (and didn't cost a bazillion dollars), and I suspect there are probably lots of things like that out there, but I don't know where to even start in selecting one. Possibly relevant: I already have my own usb keyboard.

Soooo... I thought I'd ask here for suggestions! Any recs?

Thanks in advance!

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Post by Birdman87 » 03-11-15 4:04 pm

Professional piano lesson series, 100% complete, 100% free. Follow that to the end and you'll know a whole lot more.

He also has a series with all the music theory stuff, which i highly suggest you delve into if you're serious about music.

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Post by usernamenumber » 03-11-15 5:01 pm

Thanks! looking forward to watching some of those, especially the theory ones!

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