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Postby Chompy » 08-18-15 6:04 am

I have an idea, in which for mobile versions of Synthesia, there should be a "Touch Sensitivity" option, in which you drag the slider, and it makes the piano more or less sensitive to touch, and you can test the touch sensitivity. There should also be an option to adjust the attack, cutoff, delay, treble, bass, and tremolo for the synth which can be included for all platforms. Also, I have switched to a new Android device with better specs, and an OS version of 6.0.1. But the synth is still horrible. Many midi apps allow you to load Soundfonts or SF2s into them to make your midi files sound unique, or more realistic and beautiful. I still get static on instruments like the flute and obie. Some pitches and tonings are more affected by static than others...... :cry:
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Postby Nicholas » 08-18-15 7:59 pm

Actually, the new Jamboxx stuff we just started supporting in 10.2 is already going a long way toward accomplishing something like this.

The Jamboxx is a neat harmonica-like wind instrument that is designed to make it easy to use by people with physical disabilities.

(I understand physical disability is very different than the various mental impairments out there, but it's a good start.)
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