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Postby airtonaragao » 09-13-15 8:25 am


I am beggining with Synthesia, trying to make my granddaughter to learn to play an electronic arranger (with automatic styles, etc.). I am tryng to identify the melody track (normally 4) and also the main instrument for the left hand, in order to form the chords for the arranger.

Is there a default track for the main left hand instrument ? Is someone using Synthesia this way ?

Thanks a lot.
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Postby Nicholas » 09-14-15 9:22 pm

airtonaragao wrote:Is there a default track for the main left hand instrument ?

Do you mean on the "Hands, Instruments, and Colors" screen? (The screen shown in this guide?)

The little boxes for each instrument are organized on that screen so the part with the lowest average pitch is on the left, and highest average pitch is on the right. So the left hand part will tend to be nearer the left side while the right hand part is usually near the right side.
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