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Postby trifail » 02-26-16 12:10 pm

Hi !

I'm 21 and I would like to learn how to play piano. I have a low budget and I'm interested in the casio LK-247 (~200€). I juste have doubt about the compatibility with synthesia : Is it possible to use synthesia with some midi files that could light the keys of the keyboard LK-247 ?

I'm not sure because in the settings of synthesia, there is in "microsoft gs wavetable synth" some canals, like 1 and 3 (I don't know what those canals are) that are respectively configured for Yamaha EZ, casio LK 100 et LK 43, and casio LK 220, 230 and 270.

Which canal should I choose if the LK 247 is working with synthesia ?

Thank you for your attention :)
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Postby tescot » 03-24-16 6:12 am

I have the EZ-220 and it was 1. very affordable, and 2. works perfectly with Synthesia.
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