How to route played instrument to channel 1?

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Postby Swift42 » 03-24-16 5:59 pm

Hi there,

when playing an imported MIDI-file, I can play every channel on my keyboard.
That's fine - but the key lightning only happens on channel 1 on my keyboard (yamaha ez-220).
So when I play e.g. an instrument on channel 2, the keys will light for the wrong instrument. Very confusing.

My question is: How do I swap the channels, so I'm playing the chosen instrument on channel 1 instead of e.g. channel 2?
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.
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Postby Swift42 » 03-24-16 6:12 pm

To answer my own question ... :-)
I just found out that this behaviour was because I played MIDI files with full 16 channels.
When playing a midi file with less than 16 channels, channel 1 is correctly used/routed.
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Postby Nicholas » 03-24-16 7:51 pm

Yeah, in the 16-channel case, Synthesia's hands are kind of tied for moving things around between channels. Either it can make the lights work correctly (by making the song sound incorrect) or the reverse. Playing the song correctly seemed like the lesser of those two evils.
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