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Postby Rausrule » 01-31-17 2:16 am

Hi, I'm thinking of buying Synthesia and I have multiple questions about how it can be used. My brother is currently in college thousands of miles away and he is a very good piano player and teachers me when he comes home. Since we live so far away, I'm looking for a way that he can play and Synthesia will convert that into falling notes so I can learn while hes gone. Is there any way to connect a keyboard or anything to Synthesia, start playing and have the notes be directly synced into falling ones that can be combined into a song? I would appreciate any answers regarding this topic.

Thanks for your time.
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Postby Nicholas » 01-31-17 2:31 am

Actually, you guys can even do this while he's far away. Synthesia is the practice tool component. It can play any MIDI file. So, all your brother needs to do is create MIDI files and send them to you.

There are plenty of free editors for Windows out there: MusInk, MuseScore, Finale Notepad, Sekaiju, and Aria Maestosa just to name a few. Most of those allow direct recording from a connected digital piano and they all support keying in the notes manually with the mouse or (typing) keyboard.

Once you export a MIDI file from any of those, you can play it in Synthesia and whatever your brother played (or entered) will show up as falling notes in Synthesia.
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