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Post by Drahcir »

Hi there,

Recently got into playing the keyboard with Synthesia. I haven’t come from a musical background so I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. Although it’s early days now, I can already feel that I’m slowly becoming better.

Something I’ve noticed is that in many of the songs, or at least the ones within Easy & Easiest groups, the thumbs share a single key. During the song, Synthesia can suggest using both my left and right thumb, switching at different times.

Although I’ve tried to use the recommend key, I, more often than not, simply use the one that’s more comfortable to me. Depending on the previous notes, this could be either thumb.

Is this a bad habit, and as such will make things harder later on? Should I make more of an effort to use the correct key?

Also, I was surprised to find that Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star differs between the one built into my keyboard and the one bundled with Synthesia. The former is able to be played with a single hand, unlike Synthesia’s one. Despite the notes being the same, they’re located in different positions on the keyboard.

I’m wondering if one way is more correct than the other. I’m a bit worried that once I’m be able to perform something far more complex, probably several years from now, I discovered that I had learnt it the wrong, or worser, way.

Perhaps I’m just being thinking too much into it.

Thanks to any replies.
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Post by jimhenry »

The songs that come with Synthesia are from . The site is run by Gilbert deBenedetti, who has extensive teaching experience. It is probably safe to say that the fingerings are chosen to help you develop skills that will give you a good foundation on which to build. There are various hand motions that you want to become comfortable with because there will be times that very particular movements are needed to be able to negotiate the music with the necessary fluency. I'd make an effort to try to finger the songs as suggested. The most important skill to develop is to finger the songs consistently every time you play them. If you use whatever finger seems handy at the moment, without trying to use the same fingers every time, your fingering will always be haphazard and it will be difficult to move onto more challenging music.
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Post by Drahcir »

Ah, I wasn't aware that the default songs came from such as distinguished source, thinking that they were just simple suggestions.

Thanks for the reply. Makes sense.
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