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Postby TonE » 12-18-17 8:48 am

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Postby Nicholas » 12-19-17 12:42 am

I like that guy. He has another series that I've watched (and recommended) a few times now.
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Postby TonE » 12-21-17 10:32 am

Cool, we live in paradise in terms of quality information compared to the past, one only needs to be interested in certain topics. The information is there waiting for you.
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Postby arthurwhite » 01-02-18 1:11 pm

Wow, this is a nice video but very intimidating for us beginners who just want to communicate good, wholesome, healing, beneficial ideas & make everyone happy.
It reminds me of that scene from "A River Runs Through It" about fly fishing properly and my lovely and adorable Presbyterians.

God bless us !
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Postby bestazy » 01-22-18 11:05 am

I couldn't agree more with him about recording and critiquing oneself! When I first filmed myself playing, it was that an eye/ear-opener! Not to mention that a camera/microphone induces a good measure of stage-fright in me! And I still feel I have a lot of work to do in order to be able to make a decent recording.
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