How to Label Finger Hint Numbers ? Larger Sheet Music win?

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Post by arthurwhite »

I had two questions:
1) is it possible to label finger hint numbers on falling notes that are not numbered?
2) is it possible to see a larger picture of the musical notes rather than just a bar? as per mccarthy music software?

3) if some of the notes from midi files are not lighting up they keys on my lighted key keyboard how may I correct this?
4) if some of the midi files that i import do not have sheet music with them, how man I add this sheet music,please?
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Post by Nicholas »

Sorry, I've been answering posts in reverse chronological order, so I already answered your #1 and #2 over here (which you already saw).

3. Head over to Settings --> pick your keyboard from the "Music Output" list --> Key Lights. What do you have set there? If that channel is set correctly for your keyboard, every note should light up properly.

4. On the screen just before the song plays, click the "Hands, Colors, and Instruments" button. Then, set at least one part to left or right hand (as shown in step #4 of this guide). That will get the sheet music button to appear.
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