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piano lessons?

PostPosted: 01-21-18 12:04 pm
by chris3904
piano lessons? im looking for a "comprehensive" piano lesson package that go's in order from easiest to hardest... something like
BUT having every midi file labelled with appropriate hands and figures... i also don't care about reading music, i just want to learn how to properly use my figures. i guess if had the figuring labeled on the midi file it would work great.

anything out there like that?
i see a lot of random stuff in the form but nothing comprehensive and that starts you off from the beginning and works your way up.

Re: piano lessons?

PostPosted: 01-21-18 5:11 pm
by Nicholas
On Artur's contents page, it mentions "Synthesia fingering data for each lesson and scale exercise". Is that showing up in the app?