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Postby Nicholas » 04-18-17 9:56 pm

SYNTHESIA 11.0.4264
Download from the pink box above.

Sheet Music
  • Sheet music should now appear perfectly sharp at every zoom level.
  • Instead of dragging the bar to change the size of the sheet music, pause the song and use the new + and - buttons that appear.
Windows 10 MIDI
  • Bluetooth MIDI devices should now appear in the list on the Settings screen when running under Windows 10.
  • The built-in GS wavetable synth appears to be much lower latency on Windows 10.
  • (Both of the above require the 4 new DLL files found in the download to be placed alongside Synthesia.exe.)
  • New "Simple Names" label mode that always shows C, D, E, F, G, A, B on white keys only, regardless of song's current key signature.
  • The other key-based label modes now only show text on pitches that belong to the song's current key signature. You can revert to the old behavior using Settings -> Gameplay -> Note Labels.
  • Synthesia now renders text using your system's default font (instead of the Trebuchet MS font).
  • New "Toggle Bookmark at Current Position" shortcut, set to the ? key by default.
  • V-sync is now enabled on Windows by default. Control via the "Graphics.Vsync" advanced setting.
  • Added "Metronome.ProgramChange" advanced setting for users that don't have a percussion patch and want to hear the metronome use something other than piano.
  • About another dozen fixes/changes. Check the readme for the complete list.
Known Issues
  • On Windows 10, you may need to set your devices up again. The new MIDI layer names things slightly differently, so Synthesia thinks they're different devices.
  • Sheet music has quite a few regressions that will be fixed in the next preview. Things that are currently missing:
    • Currently held notes aren't shown.
    • The page-flip animation is missing.
    • Ledger lines can look a little wonky depending on adjacent notes.
    • Lines are left-justified instead of fully-justified.
    • The existing sheet music engine can still choose to create beams that are at an unrealistically steep angle, which the new beam drawing code doesn't handle very gracefully. Steep beams appear rather jagged.
    • Lots more. The spacing between pretty much everything is still pretty rough, too.
Things to Test
  • There were huge technology changes to make the new sheet music rendering happen. If you see anything obviously broken (solid red music, everything stretched weird, completely invisible, crashes, etc.) please say so! Graphics hardware details (make/model of your GPU) are very helpful.
  • The Windows 10 MIDI code (both ours and Microsoft's!) is very new, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were still rough edges. If you see anything strange (bizarre device names on the Settings screen, MIDI not sending at all, etc.) that is another good reason to say something.
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Postby kiwi » 04-25-17 8:31 am

Love the new font!
No problems here on mac El Capitan.

What is the name of this font?
This is the default font on Mac?

Even my skins works on it ^^.

Thank you Nicholas!

Maybe i have found a bug:
It seems i cant resize the sheet.
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Postby Nicholas » 04-25-17 11:51 am

Yep, the new font is just the system default. So it's a little different on each platform, but all of them are better than Trebuchet MS! :lol:

To resize the music, look at the 2nd bullet point, above. ;)
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Postby kiwi » 04-26-17 8:30 am

ah my bad :p

It seems i can't only zoom for 8 bar maxi maybe 4 would be better?
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Postby Nicholas » 04-26-17 3:43 pm

Do you mean you'd like to be able to make the sheet music larger? Or that it can already be made too large?

Remember, the very next preview is going to add multiple lines of music, which may change your preferences for how large you want things.
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Postby silvrica » 04-28-17 10:31 pm

Synthesia sheet.PNG
Synthesia sheet.PNG (10.62 KiB) Viewed 1282 times

It is not possible to see the steam of very low and very high notes in the sheet music. See picture.
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Postby Nicholas » 04-29-17 2:25 am

That's a known issue. The next preview (with multiple lines of music) will fix that one.
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Postby kiwi » 04-29-17 2:42 am

ah ok i understand with multiples lines it have enought zoom.
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Postby IGMDavid » 04-29-17 11:28 am

Hey, so I am just saying that this update even, though not finished should be on the frontpage.

I have been using Synthesia combined with Yousician for a while to learn piano. I have gotten some midis that have not been compatible with the Synthesia 10.3, and the notes on the Treble Clef was shoved down onto the Bass Clef. I couldn't find any software that would that has a wait mode (The song waits until you play correctly), and let me import my own midi/musicxml files at the same time. Yousician lets me import my own MusicXML files but it doesn't feature the "Wait mode".

Finally after 5 hours, I figure out this program has actually been updated... I am just saying Synthesia is yet again the best software out there.


Actually the notes from the Bass clef are still getting shoved onto the Treble clef, but not the other way around it seems like.
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Postby Nicholas » 04-29-17 2:12 pm

The staff selection problem for notes (whether they're shown on the treble or bass clefs) will be fixed once and for all in the "Fully-featured MusicXML-based Notation" preview (see roadmap). And the good news is that preview is very close to the final Synthesia 11 release that will be going out to everyone.
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Postby IvanL » 05-05-17 8:25 am

Is this version already supposed to read MusicXML? If it does then maybe my MusicXML is malformed, because it's not recognized.
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Postby draco2023a » 05-05-17 11:27 pm

No not yet.
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Postby Nicholas » 05-06-17 1:41 am

That is correct. This post has the run-down on the upcoming previews. You'll be able to load MusicXML files starting with the "Bare-bones MusicXML Parsing" preview, which is two previews away.
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Postby Laserbeak43 » 06-11-17 7:18 pm

Can't wait to try this!
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Postby Korados » 06-25-17 12:01 pm

Hello Nicholas,

I didn't write for quite some time now, huh? I just came by your page and downloaded the newest dev build of Synthesia, and it doesn't work properly on my PC. I use the Coolsoft VirtualMidiSynth,
and the new build doesn't recognise it. Furthermore, the rendering only runs on 60 FPS. I tried turning off VSync but this didn't help.
Since you took away Direct3D, my PC has big problems with Synthesia. I still use 10.2-r3742 because that's the last build that has Direct3D.
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Postby Nicholas » 06-25-17 4:55 pm

Are you on Windows 10? Try deleting or renaming the win10-midi.dll from the folder you are running the preview out of. Does that make VirtualMIDISynth show up?

And how did you disable V-sync? There is an option for it now: hold Shift while launching Synthesia, find and change "Graphics.Vsync" in the list. (You may also need to disable it in your video driver settings, too.)
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