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SYNTHESIA 10.6.5239
Download from the pink box above.

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  • Synthesia for PC now requires Windows 7 or later. (Vista has been out of Microsoft support for two years and less than half a percent of Synthesia website visitors still have it.)

    New Features
  • The new "switch" control simplifies the UI all over the place.
  • You can now paste (Ctrl-V or Cmd-V) into text boxes. No more typing short codes!
  • New "Toggle Sheet Music" shortcut, default F2.
  • (The Support Assistant also happened in the meantime, too.)

  • Notes don't pop in during rewind anymore! :D
  • On the hand assignment screen, notes set to "discarded" (the red 'X') will no longer be played while dragging.
  • The metronome will no longer tick while dragging a paused song.
  • Ledger lines should now appear as high or low as required.
  • Invisible bookmarks can no longer be edited (when "User Bookmarks" are hidden).
  • The first click outside of a popup (to close it) no longer triggers other controls.
  • Many German language fixes. (Thanks monkel!)
  • Sheet music should now render correctly when dragged between Retina and non-Retina monitors.
  • Switching screens twice simultaneously (say, clicking a button at the same time you press Esc) is no longer a crash.
  • New Mac icon that isn't blurry on Retina monitors.
Let's try smaller, more frequent previews. I'm not going to say "monthly", but something close is the target. (We're about to have our second child sometime in September, so we'll see what happens to the pace then, too.) :lol:
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Thank you