Changing manually to YouPlay behaviour

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Post by TonE » 09-27-10 7:17 am

If the first track is set manually to "YouPlay" all the rest tracks should be set automagically to "Played But Hidden". For the second track and more this should behave just normally, without any magic in the background.

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Post by cairnz » 09-27-10 9:08 am

Wouldn't it make more sense if you had a dropdown (rightclick) on a track and select "Solo, all other played but hidden" or "Solo, all other not played" ? That way you could do it for any track, not just the first one.

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Post by TonE » 09-27-10 11:21 am

Yeah any way to do it would be fine, I just thought of a version which would be least work for Nicholas maybe.

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Post by Nicholas » 10-09-10 7:48 pm

With the revamped track settings screen, doing something like this is now a lot easier.

If I weren't planning to break apart the modes in separate options (You/Synthesia, Played/Muted, Shown/Hidden) pretty soon, adding a variety of "solo" options like cairnz mentioned to that pop-up list would be a really fast way to add it. Even without that, there is a lot more flexibility in the way all that UI is laid out now, so I can do pretty much whatever I want.

That said, the copy-paste features there kind of alleviate this problem a bit. It's a couple more clicks, but you can accomplish something pretty similar now using those buttons.

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