Multi user - 1 keyboard 1 Mac

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I am sure someone had asked the question before but I did not find with the search tool.

Since I purchased the Learning Pack, I wonder if my wife could use it also? We share the keyboard and the computer. Does she need to purchase another license?

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Post by Raymond »

I wouldn't think you would need to. (Whats yours is your wifes also right?)
In fact you can't use more than one key, if you want to be able to see each other on the score board. (With the exception of Recital scores)

Although if you have the money, I would think Nicholas could use it.

I would be interested to here what Nicholas has to say.
Because I let other people use this Key, when they are over and want to play. ;)
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Post by Nicholas »

I guess it isn't really stated anywhere, but I like to think of Learning Pack keys as being for a household. It at least covers all of your personal computers. The definition of "family" can get tricky because Learning Pack keys start finding their way to distant uncles and cousins... but a wife is a pretty clear-cut case. :D
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Post by AlexHHHHHH »

Thank you for your answers!
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