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Post by phi » 07-02-12 4:17 am

Hi there,

I bought the synthesia learning pack, but I have a problem getting synthesia to cooperate with my midi keyboard.
Midi in and out seem to be working fine. All parts are set to be played by synthesia. The problem is that when synthesia plays a midi file and
I use my keyboard as an output devise, I only hear the Right hand notes through my midi keyboard.
When I use my computers internal sw synth as an output devise, I can hear all the notes of the song.

Thank you in advance :)

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Post by Nicholas » 07-02-12 8:56 am

Hi phi,

Which model keyboard do you have and which MIDI files are you having trouble with? (The set included with Synthesia or other files you've found elsewhere on the Internet?)

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Post by phi » 07-02-12 9:22 am

I have a Yamaha DX7. Old indeed but fully functional... 8-)
I have the same problem with the midi files included with synthesia and with other midi files I found in the Internet.

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Post by Nicholas » 07-02-12 5:19 pm

I took a look at the manual for the DX7 (PDF link) and then searched around to double-check and unfortunately found this on the Wikipedia page:
Wikipedia wrote:The original DX7 included MIDI ports, but was released shortly before the specification was completed. As a result, its MIDI implementation is quite modest - it only transmits information on MIDI channel 1, it can receive information on any one of the sixteen MIDI channels at a time, but lacks the OMNI feature that enabled later DXs in the series to receive on all MIDI channels simultaneously.
That last bit about not being able to receive on more than one channel at a time explains the problem.

There is a work-around. It's not pretty, but it should get the job done. The basic idea is to put one more program between Synthesia and your keyboard to remap events from all channels to just channel 1. That will break songs that use multiple instruments, but otherwise it will sort of simulate being able to receive on all channels.

Here is a rough outline of how to do it:
1. Download and install MIDI-OX and LoopBe1. Both are free.
2. Set your output in Synthesia to LoopBe1.
3. Set your input in MIDI-OX to LoopBe1 and the output to your keyboard.

That will get the pass-through up and running. Data will go from Synthesia to MIDI-OX (via the LoopBe1 virtual driver) to your keyboard.

Now, to set up the channel mapping:
1. In MIDI-OX go to Options -> Data Mapping...
2. Double-click the funny row in the table with all the colorful asterisks.
3. In the lower "Set Output to" section, change the Channel box from "Match Input" to "1".

What you've just done is told MIDI-OX to update any message on any channel to be the same message but on channel 1.

4. Make sure the "Turn Map On (after OK)" box is checked.
5. Click OK.

That should be it. Playing any songs in Synthesia should pass all the MIDI events through MIDI-OX, have all their channels remapped to 1 so your keyboard can recognize them, and play correctly (save for different instruments which will probably confuse your keyboard like crazy :lol: ).

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Post by phi » 07-03-12 2:17 am

Thank you very much for your answer Nicholas, :D I'll try your solution. Hope it works, or else I'll have to buy a new keyboard.

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