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Post by Lighttower » 10-26-13 12:10 am

I have downloaded a few Bach pieces (BWV 846-852) in midi format and usually their "tracks" are mixed together,
these are all piano pieces for 2 hands, and they don't require so many "colors". Does Synthesia have a midi editor with which I could change tracks? So I could assign notes to the correct hand?

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Post by Nicholas » 10-26-13 8:10 am

In Synthesia 10 (hopefully coming before the end of the year) you'll be able to effectively "merge" tracks by assigning the same hand to more than one. It's not quite an editor, but it'll be able to solve this problem.

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Post by Lighttower » 10-26-13 11:55 am

As you can see on this picture the tracks are all over the place. If I would combine tracks for one hand, that still wouldn't solve the problem.

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Post by Nicholas » 10-26-13 11:22 pm

I didn't explain very clearly...

For each track you'll be able to individually assign each note to either Left Hand, Right Hand, or Ignore/Don't Play. So several tracks will be able to combine to form both a left and right hand part. All using the upcoming in-game interface.

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Post by Lighttower » 10-27-13 11:04 am

Ah, great!
I'm really looking forward to this.
I might even buy Synthesia if it has such a feature. :D

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Post by kiwi » 10-31-13 8:11 am

Hum u can just use same colors for some tracks so use only two colors (but for to be playable yes u 'll need a midi editor) however i would assign only one colour for the left hand and another one for the right hand and i 'll suppress 2 to 4 tracks).
It 'll do the job partially)

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Post by pingo5 » 11-06-13 9:36 am

to add to this... itd be interesting if possible if for simpler parts, like for a piano part, if you could slow it down, and draw a line between the two hands, and synthesia will save this so you can more easily split a part that doesnt have the option for both hands to both hands.

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Post by Nicholas » 11-06-13 9:48 am

pingo5 wrote:... if you could slow it down, and draw a line between the two hands...
This is exactly how I hope that it'll work. You'll be able to pause and fix/change notes individually, too, but for the bulk of the splitting, doing it interactively by drawing a line seems like a great answer.

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Post by jimhenry » 11-06-13 1:27 pm

So would there be a "draw split" mode sort of like "Watch and Listen" where you play the lowest note for the right hand split as the song plays? Maybe "Draw Split" could just be a button that enables the splitting in any play mode. In Melody mode playback would stop when you aren't playing a key, allowing you to contemplate where the split should be.
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Post by Nicholas » 11-07-13 4:25 am

Actually, I was hoping to have splitting occur in a completely different place (a dialog off the advanced view) where there can be quite a few differences from the play screen. There will be a full palette of tools almost like an image editor. Most other controls (finger hints, bookmarks, looping, etc.) can be removed so we can drop the whole bar at the top. Since we're in the context of splitting a single track, you can do things like lock the zoom to just the notes in that track (without impacting your zoom in songs).

It will also be the only place you'll be able to see the newly tagged hidden/removed/ignored notes (and resurrect them later if need be). There are a handful of optimizations that I get to buy by keeping it separate from the play screen... and some flexibility I don't have to add to the play screen, too.

For a lot of reasons -- both under-the-hood technical and for the user experience -- I like it in that space. I can't wait to start putting together actual mock-ups of these pencil sketches.

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Post by Lighttower » 08-12-14 12:59 pm

Any news on the midi editor?
I haven't checked the site for a while.

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Post by Nicholas » 08-12-14 2:10 pm

The track splitting feature will be in the very next Synthesia 10 development preview. That's what I'm working on now. Keep an eye on the Development Updates section of the forum! :D

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Post by Lighttower » 08-12-14 3:16 pm

Great news, I'm looking forward to it. :)

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Post by vengaurd » 08-31-14 12:37 pm

Words cannot express how excited I am for this feature. I've been avoiding splitting tracks on one of my favorite songs for nearly two years because staring at sheet music in Anvil is to difficult for me.

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