Key to color mapping?

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Post by kiwi » 10-28-14 2:35 pm

Ah ok thx.
But it's the same colors in another order ^^

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Post by TonE » 10-29-14 1:27 am

You know this is not true. Where is yellow? ;)

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Post by kiwi » 10-29-14 2:13 am

Ah yes you right i had forgoten.
I have dropped the yellow for the blue because on white keys it's not readable on my chord software but on Synthesia it 'll be ok ;)
But if you look all the colors that i use are also on you're palette.I have just mixed them for the 12 notes (so no minor or major keys)

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Post by Almedian » 07-15-17 8:11 am

Nicholas wrote:The current notes have a white highlight drawn on top of the color. To show this correctly, you have to draw the note more than once. You can do it way ahead of time (in the graphics files)...

By switching to flat notes... the highlight goes away. A note is always a single layer and there are no extra steps required to avoid drawing notes more than once. You just draw the note using whatever color tint you want and you're done.

(As an added bonus, the size of the installer would drop by 140 KB or so without all the old note graphics.) :lol:
But you already have colored dots/circles over the keys as cue indicators to show currently expected note. Why not add just similar (but larger) kind of colored sticker (it can be rectangular instead of round, for example, and placed below, where optional key name is placed now). It can be made as an option in the key naming menu (among C,D,E... 1,2,3... Do,Re,Mi... you would have rainbow colored "stickers"). Or, even simpler, have an option to draw the key names (C,D,E or Do,Re,Mi or whatever) with different font colors for each key, instead of always black/white?

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Post by Nicholas » 07-15-17 9:31 pm

Actually, since the last post in this topic (three years ago), the technology has come a long way!

The last of the remaining shader work (mentioned in my next post in the topic I just linked) was just completed (for unrelated reasons in Synthesia 11) so now we can display arbitrary colors everywhere.

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