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Post by MartijnHoekstra »

It would be nice where Synthesia could recognize where a player makes most mistakes/errors.
Mistakes like:
- Wrong keys hit
- Keys not hit at all
- Doesnt hold key long enough / or holds too long

In the top bar little icons are shown indicating one of above issues where a player can then appropriately address necessary training.

Idea arose when I was trying to play without looking at the keynotes (after many trainings), but at the end I always ended up with errors; either mishits and/or missing keys.
But I could not tell where I made the mistake(s).
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Post by Nicholas »

The beginning of this will (also) be coming in Synthesia 12. The current performance metrics will all be uprooted and replaced with a new system that monitors things on a measure-by-measure basis. It might not go all the way down to the note level, but you'll be able to see which measures contained mistakes. Combine that with performance review, where you can play back what you just performed, and that sounds pretty close to what you're looking for.
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Post by PowerFritz »


that would be a valuable feature.. just thought about posting a feature request, searched at first, of course.

I think practicing parts of a piece that work pretty well is not the most efficient way to practice.. but focusing on difficult parts. Unfortunately there is nothing like an overview over the measures with mistakes in right/left hand, so.. something like a resettable, cumulative statistical view about a piece would be quite valuable. Best with some markers that would allow to easily set some loops (or set those loops automatically).

Let me add.. development version 10.6 makes my life easier regarding the abovementioned topic. It doesn't give a rating per measure (I can do that manually.. I set a marker every time I say :evil:), but setting markers + defining loops via sheet music is much easier now, so thank you for that.

Btw.. the post I answered is 4,5 years old and version 12 was mentioned. So.. let me ask.. is there any possible release date ..?

Kind regards,

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Post by Nicholas »

Sorry, no release date (for 10.6, 10.7, 11, or 12) yet. :oops:
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