Komplete Kontrol S61

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Post by Badsloefke » 07-14-15 7:53 pm


I was just wondering if it is possible to use the lighted keys of my Komplete Kontrol S61 keyboard with Synthesia.
I purchased Synthesia but the lights don't seem to fire up when I try to practice a song...

I use an iPad with lightening connection to USB and that works with the keyboard but without the illuminated keys.
It would be such a help because i'm a beginning keyboard player

Kind regards,

( Belgium )

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Post by Nicholas » 07-15-15 1:05 am

I think you're the first user we've heard from with one of the new Komplete Kontrols. Just to double-check, did you try each of the 16 channels for key lights under Settings -> Music Output? You should just be able to click through the list one-by-one and watch to see if your keyboard responds.

We contacted Native Instruments to ask how to control their key lights, but never heard back. Komplete Kontrol would be ideal for Synthesia! This is definitely something we'd like to add. Looking at their site just now, there is an FAQ that sounds relevant:
Native Instruments wrote:3. Do KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards work with third-party software? Can I map my plug-ins to the hardware?

... and expect developments – VST support, and advanced plug-in integration using the brand-new Native Kontrol Standard™ (NKS™), is scheduled for late summer 2015.
That sounds like what we'll need to get support for their lights up and running. It doesn't look like it's been released yet.

2016-05-11 EDIT: Native Instruments has told us the light colors can't be controlled by Synthesia yet. "Hello Nicholas, thanks for the explanation, we fully understand your request but we don’t have any simple way of supporting this at the moment, if it becomes possible we will definitely let you know. That said, we have your request on a list of improvements and you're the first to know as soon something gets done here."

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Post by michaelphines » 08-22-15 10:44 pm

I just wanted to add my request for support to this thread. I have a Kontrol S49, and I would love to be able to show Synthesia off on this controller. Thanks guys!

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Post by nnngrach » 09-10-15 4:28 pm

Here i wrote about activating light on the PС and Mac.

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