Ivory Keys for Synthésia

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Post by kiwi » 09-05-16 12:47 pm

For those who prefer the old keys like in a Pleyel :)
screenshot_44.jpg (273.16 KiB) Viewed 5114 times
Just replace the .tga file in the ressource folder.

You're Grand ma 'll love those keys :D
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Post by Nicholas » 09-06-16 6:53 pm

You can also just change the keyboardWhiteKeys entry in colors.xml. :D

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Post by kiwi » 09-06-16 8:17 pm

Arf dunno this :p
Anyway i prefer using the normal black white i only do this for to share with others.

I love those white default keys :)

My goal was to use a real picture of old keys but i haven't found good one so i just used paint but i copied the colors of the ivory from a picture.

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