Synthesia iPad doesn't recognize my keyboard.

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Post by opulous » 03-06-16 1:20 pm

I've bought a cable and connected the keyboard with my iPad, but the iPad doesn't seem to recognize my keyboard.. what's wrong?

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Post by Nicholas » 03-06-16 1:58 pm

Which cable?

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Post by opulous » 03-08-16 3:48 am

Nicholas wrote:Which cable?
A lightning to USB camera adapter and I had a printer cable

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Post by werderr » 04-19-16 7:08 am

Me too ...
I have an iPad Pro with Synthesia, connected to a Yamaha EZ-220 with lightning to USB camera adapter and a USB 2.0 "Printer" cable, but my iPad Pro doesn't recognize my keyboard ???
Is it possible with a iPad Pro or not ?

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Post by Nicholas » 04-30-16 3:11 pm

I just tried it and it worked fine for me. Same settings as you: Lighting camera adapter, plain USB cable.

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Post by mettam » 11-24-16 8:39 pm

I have the same problem. And is configured the same way as the one shown by Nicholas in his video.

I have a EZ-220 keyboard with a midi to usb adapter into the iPad. I've had this configuration for about a year since I bought it. In the beginning it didn't work, then I got it to work (not sure how), now it isn't working again!

The cable is a 2 part cable. First out of the keyboard is a midi to usb, this plugs into a short adapter usb to lightning cable which plugs into the iPad.

It's so frustrating, I really hope someone has a solution for this.

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Post by Nicholas » 11-25-16 9:47 pm

Try the usual procedure to see if the hardware didn't just get itself into a bad state.

If that doesn't help, do you know which brand MIDI adapter you have? Does it look like this one?

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Post by rawbar » 12-26-16 10:57 am

Is there a recommended cable? My 11yo has been using Synthesia + ez220 + WIndows laptop for years. He just got an iPad 4 mini for Xmas and would like to replace the laptop with the iPad.

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Post by Nicholas » 12-26-16 1:19 pm

Yeah, we've got a set of adapter recommendations on the Keyboards page. Those are the adapters we've heard the most, consistent positive feedback about over the years.

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