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Post by anthonyme00 » 10-03-17 6:12 am

Hello fellow synthesia users. I'm usually a game developer, however, i've decided to take my time and write my first program.


Video To Midi Transcriber

It's a program that can turn this:

Into this:
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(with moderate accuracy)


Why use it?

Ever stumble across a synthesia tutorial video, get all excited about it, only to find out there's no midi file included?
That's what it's for. This program automatically divides track by their color too. So information like which hand is playing the key isn't lost.
What is lost, however, is performance dynamic, which is hard to extract programmatically.

5.png (127.97 KiB) Viewed 18611 times
Capture.PNG (346.53 KiB) Viewed 18611 times

Download it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzark ... UtzY3IwNWs
(Sorry, i can't upload it here. It won't let me)

The link is safe, as Google Drive scans it first, for you safety maniacs out there.

Included is the instructions for using it. The best part is it's licensed under GPL v3, so you're free to disassemble it, redistribute it, include it in software packages, etc.

I hope some of you find this program useful.

-Now includes Auto Quantization. Make sure you know the exact BPM or it's going to mess up your MIDI.

-Now after more than a year, i've revisited this program. apparently it does not work very well with windows 10? or probably never worked that well in the first place. Go ahead and download it if you want, but i doubt the result will be satisfactory. With enough demand, i might rewrite the whole program from scratch. But for now, i'll just leave it be.

So, there's my first post. Umm... Hi?
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Post by revilo2 » 10-03-17 9:18 am

Very good Job !

Can't wait to test it...

The first and the last note are : "of the song" or "of the keyboard" ?

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Post by anthonyme00 » 10-03-17 9:39 am

The last frame means that after that frame, no more keys are pressed / being pressed. Refer to the readme i included for basic operation.
So, of the keyboard..?
I hope you find it useful!

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Post by revilo2 » 10-03-17 9:46 am

I read it but i don't understand the first and the last note (not frame) on the keyboard :
(i'm french and don't speak a fluent english)

Are they the first and last notes of the song (used in the song) or of the keyboard shown (in this case, i don't see the interest)...

Your program will be VERY USEFUL !

Thanks again.

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Post by anthonyme00 » 10-03-17 9:50 am

Oohh, I'm sorry if the included readme isn't very clear. Might need to rewrite some of it. Glad you find it useful. Just ask questions through my e-mail if any (They're in the about section of my program).

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Post by revilo2 » 10-04-17 2:10 am

I tried to test your program yesterday.

Unfortunately, it crash at launch (I'm on Seven)

Too bad...

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Post by anthonyme00 » 10-04-17 2:30 am

crash on launch, eh? you'll need the latest .net framework https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downloa ... =dotnet462
going to package it in now

if it still doesn't work, can you send me the crash message? thanks.

Ok, the zip file now includes the needed .NET framework to run it. Just install what's in the Redist folder and you should be good.
Remember to extract the file first, though. Do not run it directly from the zip. It will crash.

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Post by anthonyme00 » 10-04-17 10:41 am

Okay, apparently, the previous version crashing was my fault. forgot to set a few things up. Going to try to fix it

Update: thanks to a friends help, i finally got it working nicely. Download it from the latest link

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Post by revilo2 » 10-05-17 2:53 am


I tested your program yesterday, it works and seems amazing but the resulting midi file is not convincing...

I suppose i've done something wrong.

Here the url of the video (that i downloaded in mp4, i can't post it there) :

and the midi file resulting is attached.

I've set the first and last frame as described.

the first note as A (octave -1)
the last note as C (octave 7).

I let the bpm at 120
jte le dis .mid
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Post by anthonyme00 » 10-05-17 5:19 am

Try playing around with the settings. In your case, i think you need to lower the color tolerance to something between 25-35. However, make sure you use the highest quality video available.

Whenever this program detects a key being hit, the small boxed indicator should turn yellow (you can see this in action on screenshot 2). If you see a key being skipped(the indicator doesn't turn yellow), lower the color tolerance. if the program detects a key hit when there's no key being hit, increase the color tolerance.

EDIT: On second thought, i think you just needed to download a higher quality video. This is what the program transcribed with that same video on 720p.
(1.02 KiB) Downloaded 184 times
It's not the full thing, just the first 39 seconds.

The first two paragraph still applies.

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Post by revilo2 » 10-06-17 2:01 am


Your midi is really better that the one i obtain (even if it's not the exact one)

However, i use a 720 p video and set the color tolerance to 30...

Dont't kwow why...

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Post by anthonyme00 » 10-06-17 2:44 am

Weird, can you send a screenshot containing your settings?

I suspect you set the first frame to the wrong frame

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Post by RoyalAce » 03-07-18 12:51 am

Hey Anthony, I know you posted this program a year ago, but I need some help right from the get-go. I'll be honest, I really haven't the faintest clue what to do with this. I downloaded the program, I clicked Readme.pdf and selected "open" but it didn't work. I extracted Readme.pdf separately and was able to read it, however it relied on the fact you knew how to open the full program in the first place. I clicked on the Video To Midi Transcriber.zip file in my computer's "files" section and it opened a separate window. I thought instead of clicking on the folder and being taken to its contents, I should just select the folder and hit extract but that gave me a .config file in my downloads which I couldn't open. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, or even if I was on the right path :(. I'm really trying to turn this youtuber's version of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor into a MIDI file but have had no luck trying to convert it the mp3 to MIDI route. Any ways, thanks for any help to can render with this. A simple written procedure to open the file would be best if it isn't too much trouble. :D

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Post by anthonyme00 » 03-07-18 3:18 am

Sounds like you didn't extract the files out. Here's how you extract it using windows explorer.

1. Right click and open with windows explorer
1.png (130.63 KiB) Viewed 17333 times
2. Right click and copy the folder inside
2.png (98.47 KiB) Viewed 17333 times
3. Paste the folder anywhere you want
3.png (93.49 KiB) Viewed 17333 times
4. Open the folder. You can open the program by clicking on VideoToMidiTranscriber.exe
4.png (144.13 KiB) Viewed 17333 times
For the next steps, you can consult readme.pdf

Sorry for the terrible interface. This was made during my freetime and is written hastily.

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Post by RoyalAce » 03-07-18 1:31 pm

Thanks m8.

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Post by RoyalAce » 03-09-18 2:57 am

Alright, I've managed to open it with the video I want and I managed to set the first and last frames. However, I'm once again stuck on the starting and ending note on the piano. You really rushed the wording on this tutorial sheet :lol: I just can't quite get the keys to line up while clicking and dragging over the keyboard. I tried running it, but the outcome is horrible with how misaligned the keys are. The photos on the Readme.pdf are kinda cropped a little small and cut off and it's confusing to me if I should start where the photos say or or click and drag from the left-most key to the right-most key. Thanks for all the help you're giving me.

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Post by anthonyme00 » 03-09-18 3:14 am

Can you post the a screenshot?

Make sure that the first note and the last note are correct. That is both their tone and octave position

EDIT: For the video you're trying to transcribe, it should be A0 (Key A, Octave 0) and C8(Key C, Octave 8).

EDIT2: Drag from the leftmost key to the rightmost key. However, for the leftmost key, make sure that you click below the black keys, while on the rightmost key, make sure it's in the middle of the black keys length. I demonstrated it in the readme provided. Also, make sure that you're dragging from the middle of the key width to the middle of the last key width. This was also demonstrated in the readme.

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Post by ErisvaldoJunior » 05-20-18 10:10 pm

Nice job man, im developer too, if you want to create some games or whatever let me know. (my first post)

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Post by anthonyme00 » 05-21-18 1:10 am

ErisvaldoJunior wrote:Nice job man, im developer too, if you want to create some games or whatever let me know. (my first post)
Yeah, thanks. but no, sorry. i'm currently making a game and another couple project on my hand.

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Post by truedaystar » 10-25-19 10:41 am

any updates on this. I tried to run it, it made it throught he video and then crashed when I clicked on SAVE

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