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Postby Chompy » 07-09-18 1:13 am

I had this neat little idea where you can pick a shader and apply it in the Settings (for devices with OpenGL 2.0+/DirectX, and this is used to make an effect, an old movie, invert colours, anything like bloom, monochrome colour, etc, and this can be used to enhance gameplay. An example can be a motion blur shader that can be applied, which makes faster songs more difficult due to the blur. You can also use your own custom .glsl shader. If the shader has any errors, the game displays the shader error saying that the game will run, but the shader cannot be applied. The idea is that a shader system that can be turned on/off can make the game more fun in the upcoming 10.5+ versions, and feel more realistic and can be turned off at any time via the settings. :idea: ;)
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Postby Nicholas » 07-09-18 6:18 am

This sounds like the job for video editing software, where all of those effects already exist! :D

Making songs more difficult "due to blur" sounds like an awful usability situation (especially when your other post just now was talking about increasing the size and contrast of elements to help people see things more clearly). I'd prefer if the song were more difficult on its own merits (because it's a hard song!) than introducing artificial difficulty.
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