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Post by Chompy » 07-09-18 1:18 am

For android mobile users, why not have your Synthesia account linkable with Google Play Games (for achievements, scores, leaderboards)? :idea: Many games do it, and I just pictured myself finishing a song on the Synthesia hard ones (that come with the app) and got an achievement.

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Post by Nicholas » 07-09-18 6:16 am

The trouble with achievements is that each one of our platforms has a different way of doing things (Game Center on iOS, not much on Windows (unless you count Steam?), Google Play Games, etc.), so it would be a lot of work to include it for everyone.

And, while I used to be an achievement hound myself back when these things were first introduced on the Xbox 360, and while I believe they can help guide you to try new/interesting things in a way you may have not considered yourself, I've since started to wonder about the value of having them publicly accessible/visible via one of these system-provided mechanisms. It seems like a list of achievements would be just as useful if it were internal to Synthesia (and we only had to create it once and it worked on every platform).

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