Change Finger hints from 1->5 to 0->4

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Hey there,

coming from mainly playing guitar, it would be a huge help if I could modify the Finger hints to show me 0-4 instead of 1-5 (0 for thumb instead of 1).
I glanced over the ui.xml and language.xml, sadly I couldn't find them (no wonder, nobody's gonna translate 1-5 :lol: )

Is there any way of achieving this?
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Post by Nicholas »

Actually, yes! I think I've been asked about it only one other time, so I'm excited that this feature gets to be used again! :D

Assuming you're on PC/Mac:

1. Hold your Shift key while launching the app to show the configuration window.
2. Find the "Gameplay.FingerNames" entry in the drop-down list.
3. You know the rest! :lol:
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Works like a charm, thank you!
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