How to remove introduction song title box?

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Postby kostya572 » 07-31-18 1:42 pm

Hello, before melody starts for about 2-3 seconds is showing blue horizontal box with song title. How can I remove it? Maybe I can change or remove some parameters in "ui.xml" file? Thank you.
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Postby Nicholas » 07-31-18 2:33 pm

There isn't a way to do it today. But, I've heard this request a few times now, so I just added a new advanced setting ("Gameplay.ShowTitle") to the configuration window to let you disable it. That will show up in the next Synthesia 10.5 preview build.

(Disabling it also cuts the time before the song actually starts playing in half: from 5 seconds down to 2.5. Otherwise there is a lot of extra dead-air without the title bar before things get going!)
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