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Post by none » 08-01-18 8:32 am

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with shifting octaves in Synthesia. There's a song I want to play in Synthesia and I want to play it one octave lower, so I can actually hit all notes. I don't know if it's written one octave too high in the MIDI file, but since I only have 88 keys I need to play it lower. So I tried the 'shift octaves' shortcut, but it doesn't seem to work. It only works if Synthesia is shifting octaves down by its own and even then I can only shift one octave up or down (basically i can only undo the automatic shift of octaves). So I can't choose freely where I want to play. I don't know if I am pressing the shortcuts at the wrong time, but I tried pressing them during playing and in the menu.
Can anyone tell me what I do wrong or is Synthesia not capable of shifting octaves freely up and down?

Thanks in advance

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Post by Nicholas » 08-01-18 9:21 am

Do you mean that the song has notes outside of the usual range of a piano? You may need to use one of the free, third-party music editing apps (MusInk, MuseScore, Finale Notepad, Sekaiju, Aria Maestosa, etc.) to transpose the song down an octave.

Synthesia's own octave shifting is only intended to be used inside the 88 key range (when using a keyboard with fewer than 88 keys).

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