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Post by Athedin » 08-07-18 4:22 pm

So, there is this piano cover of a song that I like. I converted the YouTube video to mp3, and then converted the mp3 to midi. However, the volume on the midi is very low, both in Synthesia and in Windows Media Player. Built-in songs on Synthesia works fine, and if I download a random midi file from the internet the volume is normal. I'm really new to this kind of stuff, but what could be the problem? I'll add the midi as an attachment, and the YouTube video is here
wake - the antlers (midi).mid
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Post by Nicholas » 08-08-18 10:25 am

You could use one of the free MIDI editors out there (MusInk, MuseScore, Finale Notepad, Sekaiju, Aria Maestosa, etc.) to adjust the volume of the notes.

That said, as you may have noticed: automatic conversion usually suffers very(!) badly from poor quality results. It might be easier to simply find a version of the song that was arranged in the MIDI format in the first place. (Cleaning up that posted file the right way would probably take more effort than finding the sheet music and clicking the notes into a MIDI editor yourself.) :?

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