Floating Synthesia (for mobile devices)

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Postby Chompy » 08-08-18 11:04 am

Simply put, it is Synthesia, but it can be minimised or windowed like on a computer for multitasking. This is convenient when using Synthesia for background music, which I always do on the computer. :idea: ;)

Synthesia's code would simply have to be adapted for mobile versions only to support overlaying other apps, and dragging the game around and resizing the game, which will heavily impact on cpu usage. It might be good for powerful phones, but low-end devices will struggle a lot with this. :!:
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Postby Chompy » 08-08-18 11:06 am

I meant the mobile versions only (iPhone/iPad/Android), NOT Mac/PC/Linux. :)
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Postby Nicholas » 08-08-18 3:22 pm

I was pretty sure the built-in media player on (most?) Android devices could already play MIDI files. Aren't you just looking for a media player that can run in the background?
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