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Postby Musix » 08-24-18 5:18 pm

I would love it if the video creator would be able to output (AVI) video files with RGB and Alpha channel information (a.k.a. transperancy), which would give the user the ability to change the background into a moving video file in external video editing software. This would be of great use for my videos! As of right now I'm keyframing the whole thing if I need a transparent background. The disadvantage is that it can look quite ugly, also because you can't fully customize the colors (as in RGB) of the notes. I don't know how troubling this suggestion is though! :lol:
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Postby Nicholas » 08-25-18 12:32 am

As a workaround in the meantime, you might be able to use a custom background image that was just a solid color that might make it a little easier to key against (without changing the notes). Or, depending on your video editing software, you could set the Synthesia layer to be blended using the "Screen" (or "Overlay"?) effect. That would make darker things more transparent, which should work out well.
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Postby Musix » 08-30-18 12:48 pm

"As a workaround in the meantime" Does this mean you'd like to introduce this to the video creator eventually!?
As for your suggestion, I always use a custom background when keyframing, it just doesn't really give me pretty results..
By "blending the layer" are you talking about blurring the notes so they transition from solid to transparent? I always use that option aswell, but it has the side effect that the notes are less clear.
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Postby Nicholas » 08-31-18 4:44 pm

At first blush, including alpha in the output seems like a niche feature (relative to other video software). But I suppose that given the usual workflow people follow with compositing Synthesia videos with other things, it's not that strange. Would it be easier (more turn-key, etc.) if Synthesia could do something like a "background video" instead of a "background image"?

I was talking about this blending stuff. Photoshop makes it very explicit (a drop-down menu for every layer), but it's usually buried somewhere in most layer-based video editors (like After Effects). If you use Screen or Overlay, you might not even need a color key.
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