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Postby khuffie » 09-01-18 5:07 pm

I'm a new user to Synthesia, and on my laptop the UI always gets cut off (see attachment). I've tried running the app in various compatibility mode settings, with no luck. Additionally, the mouse click seems inaccurate. The actual hit point seems to be 10-20 pixels above the cursor, so I often click on the wrong options.

Synthesia version: 10.4.4395
Windows version: 10.0.17134

Dell XPS 13 9350, running Intel HD 520
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Postby st5555 » 09-01-18 7:50 pm

I'm just curious.. what does it look like when you go to full screen mode by pressing ALT & ENTER?
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Postby khuffie » 09-01-18 7:53 pm

Didn't know that was an option!
It looks fine, a nd the issue with the mouse is resolved in full screen.
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Postby Nicholas » 09-02-18 2:30 am

Full-screen is a nice workaround in the meantime.

The last time I saw that problem (maybe six months ago, reported by half a dozen people), it was a bug in Intel's graphics driver (for your HD 500 series, at that). Since then they seem to have released an update that fixes it. If you update to the latest Intel graphics driver, does that solve the problem?
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Postby khuffie » 09-02-18 11:23 am

That did it! Dell's driver manager said I was up to date, but installing drivers directly from Intel seems to resolve the issue.
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