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Postby RobertM » 06-01-18 3:33 am

Will there be an updated version of Video Creator coming out soon

Many thanks
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Postby Nicholas » 06-23-18 4:40 am

What would you like to see updated in it?
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Postby RobertM » 07-24-18 6:05 am

A tick box to enable or disable the sound
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Postby Nicholas » 07-24-18 10:03 am

That's on the list for the next feature update: independent "Export video" and "Export audio" choices so you can choose any combination of the two.
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Postby pianomagician » 10-01-18 11:13 am

How can I change the default C:\Windows\system32\drivers\gm.dls which is listed in DLS Sound Set?
When I create a video, the bass sound is poor quality. When I use Synthesia itself, after setting Music Output to VirtualMIDISynth #1 and my .SF2 enhanced sound font, the sound is great! I'm using Windows 7 and version 10.4.4395 for both Synthesia and the Synthesia Video Creator. I just want to upload a high sound quality video to YouTube.
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Postby Nicholas » 10-04-18 12:47 am

Sorry for the wait on this. My reply in your other topic answers this now.
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