Custom hand settings lost when using background

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Postby Jarzka » 04-17-19 4:56 am

How to repeat:

Pick any song
Go to Hands, Colors and Instruments screen
Pick any instrument and change it's settings to custom
Play with custom hand settings (set left / right hand notes, finger number etc) and save it
Now change this instrument settings from custom to background, and then back to custom
--> All custom settings are gone

Why is it a problem?

If there are multiple tracks on a song and you want to practice each of them separately, I would expect to be able to set custom hand settings for each track and switch which one I want to practice and which one I want to be in the background.
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Postby Nicholas » 04-17-19 12:51 pm

The same will be true when you select the left or right hand, too. All three of those effectively do a bulk update to every note in the part (the same as if you'd done it through the custom part editor).

I wonder if the situation you described wouldn't be better suited to some sort of "saved configuration" tool that would let you quickly jump between all of a song's settings (including the sounded/muted, instrument, and color/hidden options, too)? Would that save even more time?
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