Custom hand settings lost when using background

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Post by Jarzka » 04-17-19 4:56 am

How to repeat:

Pick any song
Go to Hands, Colors and Instruments screen
Pick any instrument and change it's settings to custom
Play with custom hand settings (set left / right hand notes, finger number etc) and save it
Now change this instrument settings from custom to background, and then back to custom
--> All custom settings are gone

Why is it a problem?

If there are multiple tracks on a song and you want to practice each of them separately, I would expect to be able to set custom hand settings for each track and switch which one I want to practice and which one I want to be in the background.

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Post by Nicholas » 04-17-19 12:51 pm

The same will be true when you select the left or right hand, too. All three of those effectively do a bulk update to every note in the part (the same as if you'd done it through the custom part editor).

I wonder if the situation you described wouldn't be better suited to some sort of "saved configuration" tool that would let you quickly jump between all of a song's settings (including the sounded/muted, instrument, and color/hidden options, too)? Would that save even more time?

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Post by Jarzka » 06-01-19 3:20 am

Sorry, it took me a while to notice your answer.

If this is the default functionality and is going to remain so, then some kind of configuration tool would definitely help. I think it would be easy if we could choose, save and edit the configuration presets right inside the Synthesia instrument menu.

Currently I'm just taking a copy of my Synthesia settings when I have done tuning the settings for a specific track. However, this is requires a lot of effort and the copy is also going to takes all the other Synthesia settings with it. So, not an optimal solution, but "works" for now when there is no better way.

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Post by monkel » 06-02-19 9:13 am

Same effect here: When I start off with a song too complicated to me and edit notes into the background or silence, every progress is lost (also again, anytime I add something back in).

I've accepted it as "it's now basically a new song" so the previous progress isn't helpful anymore.

If I used profiles more, song-specific edits would be something that I would look for in a per-profile setting, to make usage more customizable between family members. But not an issue to me right now. Also people tend to have their own device quite often.

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