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Post by trevordavies » 07-05-19 6:17 am

Hi Nicholas. I have just created a metadata file to go with a piano piece for a student who is using Synthesia on an Android device - which is new to me as I use iOS. However, it is much simpler to set up via an sd card. So I transferred the folder containing both the midi file and the .synthesia file on to her sd card and opened it up in Synthesia. To my surprise both files appear on the song list. Easy to distinguish but not something I have had before with the iPad.
My question is, does the metadata file need to be in the same folder as the midi file? I notice that if I tap on the the metadata file the option to delete comes up.Both files contain the title: when I add more songs I will create a group meta data file.

Many thanks


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Post by Nicholas » 07-05-19 3:23 pm

Hmm... I don't know that I've ever seen a metadata file in the list before. How strange.

When the delete prompt appears, does it actually say ".synthesia" at the end of the file name? (Are you sure Synthesia hasn't just found two copies of the song? Perhaps one on the device and another on the SD card?)

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