How to make many colors notes

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Post by Takumi » 09-17-19 11:35 pm

Hello, I’m Takimi.

I want to see 3 or more colors notes in Synthesia, like (~2:08)

In Logic Pro, I set each of all notes to 3 channels. And logic exports its MIDI file.
But Synthesia doesn’t show 3 settings in hand colors settings. I can see only 1 setting nevertheless separating 3 channels.

Could you tell me how to make many colors notes in Synthesia?

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Post by Nicholas » 09-19-19 1:12 am

Take a look at step #5 of this guide.

Did you mean that you only see a single instrument box on that screen and can only change one color? Or are there several instrument boxes, each with independent color settings?

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Post by Takumi » 09-19-19 11:41 pm

Thank you for replying!

I mean that there is 1 instrument box like the attached picture. (Upper picture[Now])
I want to make 3 or more colors notes for piano four-hand performance. But I only set 2 colors because there is 1 instrument box. I expect there are two or more instrument boxes(under picture[Want] )

How do you display some instrument boxes like the guide you told me?
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Post by Nicholas » 09-20-19 2:17 am

Hmm, assuming Logic is actually using separate MIDI channels this should be happening automatically. At any point during the export from Logic do you get the choice between "Format 0" or "Format 1" for the MIDI file? You definitely want Format 1.

From the looks of it, everything is in a single track using a single MIDI channel. That's the only way you'd only get a single box in Synthesia.

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Post by Takumi » 09-20-19 7:59 pm

Thank you for polite reply:)

I didn’t know about format 1 and 0.
Referring to Logic manual, it said that Logic can export format 1 MIDI file.

Maybe I need making two trucks and regions(ch1, ch2), and select the two regions, and I export them, I feel like Logic export 1 format MIDI that has Synthesia wii be able to displays two instrument box.

I appreciate you indeed!
When I can play many colors notes in Synthesia, I will tell you thank you again:)

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Post by Takumi » 10-03-19 7:10 am

I could play synthesia like I want!
Thank you!!

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