LED-Strip (APA102 with Arduino MEGA) 96 LED/m

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Post by ibruethsch » 11-03-19 4:21 am

Hi Nicholas, hi forum
I searched the forum, but didn’t find anything suitable.
I finally managed to do my own LED-Strip (APA102 with Arduino MEGA) 96 LED/m
It works fine, playing my own notes or listen Synthesia.
But I need a NoteOn signal when Synthesia is in learn modus – (screened the green or blue Keys that should be played.) In that moment I whant to light up the appropriate LED.
Is there a way to get that signal?
If not yet possible: can you implement that in a further edition?

BTW: if anybody is interested in my Arduino sketch – please let me know.
Best regards
Bernd (from Germany)

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Post by Nicholas » 11-03-19 4:52 am

The link in my first reply to this topic has what you're looking for. The "Finger Based Channel" key light option not only delivers left/right hand information via MIDI messages, but also individual fingers if you have any hints set in the song. :)

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Post by ibruethsch » 11-03-19 5:15 am

Hi Nicholas
it works great now.
In the Synthesia settings I had to choose: switch on (German) Leuchttasten
and choose a Midichannel for "Leuchttasten"

Now it works finr for me :-)

best regards

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