10.6.5311-5425 - Official Release

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10.7 for xmas ? ;)
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Not quite, sorry! There is a little bit of website stuff I was hoping to tackle before the end of the year. That's also a long list that gets put off even more than Synthesia features. So I'd learned a few years ago to fit just a couple website tasks between each release. That way they don't feel like a huge time sink and I'm more likely to whittle the list away bit by bit than never touching it at all. Really, it's almost the same strategy I've adopted for the sheet music features heading into Synthesia 11.
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SYNTHESIA 10.6.5425
Download from the pink box above the main download page

  • Don't crash 18.2 minutes after the app was launched. :shock:
  • Device input should no longer be ignored on overlay (help, device disconnected, etc.) screens.
  • Settings --> Advanced --> "Bank Select" actually meant "Filter-out Bank Select". Now it's switched around the right way.
  • The current song is now unloaded after any change on the Settings --> Advanced screen. Many of the options there affect the way songs are loaded, so a still-loaded song wouldn't see those changes, which leads to all sorts of confusion.
  • Fixed a (pretty severe) GPU texture leak.
  • Fixed a crash if you exited the app too quickly after launching it.
  • The "Menu Back" shortcut no longer hangs the app on the Title screen of the iOS version.
  • Like a dozen crash fixes on Android. Too many to list. :lol:
First new build for iOS in a while. All four platforms are in-sync again. I'm 95% finished with two dozen tiny website updates, too. Assuming this release takes care of all the really nasty stuff, we're back on the 10.7 train!