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Post by Seeda » 01-31-20 10:04 am

Hi guys.

I want to know if it possible to use Synthesia for a Yamaha Silent piano.
It has 2 midi outputs which are going straight to the headphone box.
This box has no midi outs. So what to do? One midi for keyboard and one for the paddles.
Is there anything that can split those 2 midis to give the headphone box and synthesia a signal?
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Post by Nicholas » 01-31-20 11:14 am

Do you know which model number it is? A cursory glance at Yamaha's SILENT Piano page show that the SC2 and SH2 should have a "USB to Host" port. That should be all you need.

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Post by Seeda » 01-31-20 12:01 pm

No it has no USB. It was made before USB for Yamahas Silent pianos.

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Post by Seeda » 02-03-20 10:54 am

No more idea ?

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Post by Seeda » 02-03-20 11:03 am

Okay I will load up some pics here.
IMG_20200115_195024.jpg (110.1 KiB) Viewed 3997 times
IMG_20200110_195943.jpg (119.77 KiB) Viewed 3997 times

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Post by Nicholas » 02-03-20 3:57 pm

(Sorry for the wait; I've been recovering from the flu.)

If there isn't some digital output (MIDI or USB), I'm afraid Synthesia won't be able to use it. The best you'll be able to get is using the "Watch and Listen Only" mode in the app while you follow along separately on the keyboard. Sorry!

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Post by Seeda » 02-04-20 5:23 am

Hi Nicholas.

sorry for being not patient.
Yeah the flu is roaring all over the northern hemisphere :?
My kids have it too.

Anyway, as you can see on the pictures it has 2 midi outputs which are going into this headphone box.
My question is now if it is possible to duplicate or split these 2 midi channels. Just to record with synthesia and to hear the music on headphone.

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Post by Nicholas » 02-04-20 12:52 pm

I couldn't quite confirm from the photos that those were actually MIDI cables. (It's strange that the pedal has its own MIDI cable. That isn't typical. I wonder if they just happen to be using MIDI's 5-pin DIN connector but have it wired in a different way.

It could be worth an experiment with a MIDI-to-USB adapter connected to the "key" cable though. To get the effect of a splitter, you'd need some adapter with a "MIDI Thru" port in addition to the usual in/out ports (or something like this simple---if a little expensive---splitter box).

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Post by jimhenry » 02-04-20 2:21 pm

Just because Yamaha uses DIN5 connectors does not mean that they necessarily use MIDI signaling. After some digging I wasn't able to find anything that said if they do or not. But I did find this, which describes a simple hardware modification to add MIDI OUT on an older Silent Piano:

https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much ... rsion.html

My guess is that you can get MIDI OUT from your Silent Piano but that someone with knowledge of MIDI electronics is going to need to inspect and perhaps modify your electronic box to do this. And don't be looking to Yamaha for any help with this.

As Nicholas says, if you have a MIDI to USB cable and a MIDI coupler (https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-GMD-108-5-P ... B000068O44), it would be a pretty safe experiment to see if the Key cable is sending MIDI signals.
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