The ONE Piano Hi-Lite and Synthesia

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Post by lilalinux » 01-03-20 7:38 am

It works with the AmazonBasics Cable! ... UTF8&psc=1

Thank you!

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Post by Nicholas » 01-03-20 11:38 pm

That's great news! Thanks for the follow-up.

This is the first time that poor USB cables have been on my radar as something to watch out for. With both a first-hand and second-hand account of a better cable fixing a problem, this will be something I ask about sooner now.

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Post by Nicholas » 03-24-20 1:18 am

jimhenry wrote:
12-31-19 12:22 pm
If I remember correctly, it is bad practice to connect a shield at both ends of a cable. If connected at both ends, a current can flow in the shield and create a field rather than shielding the proper conductors contained in the shield from external electrical fields.
While reading a few articles about electrical ground and ground loop just now, I was reminded of this discussion and would like to revisit it now, months later. :lol:

I think we were both right! "Carefully terminated to the connector" doesn't necessarily mean "connected to ground"! I believe the guidelines for "carefully terminat[ing]" it are just so there is no point along the physical connection that is unshielded. That's a good thing. But electrically connecting that same connector's shield to ground could cause a ground loop, like you described.

Now the "preventing high frequency energy from coupling to the shield" wording in the guideline I quoted makes more sense: if they were connected on both sides, it wouldn't be a question of coupling; there's already a direct connection for noise and all sorts of bad stuff to make it through. You only have to worry about coupling if there isn't a direct connection on both ends. So the quote from my evidence implies your assertion. I like it! :D

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Post by jimhenry » 03-24-20 10:00 am

I agree that is a good reconciliation of the confusing and mysterious business of shielded cables.
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Post by turbogeek » 04-06-20 4:08 pm

Nicholas wrote:
12-31-19 12:03 am
It's a good idea to mention the compatibility on that page. (I'm even considering removing the Hi-Lite recommendation altogether.)
Hi, was wondering if there is any progress on the ONE piano Hi-Light - including left/right lights. Seems like it is the best choice for fingering help without dumping cash on one of The One Pianos.

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Post by thiagolr » 04-20-20 11:49 pm

I would like to know the current status for Hi-Lite on Android using a cable.

Is it working with different led colors for each hand?

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Post by Nicholas » 05-24-20 4:11 am

Sorry for the wait on this!

Much like the recent test for iPad, I just got everything connected to an Android tablet running the latest 10.7 beta and tried it out while wired.

Unlike the iPad test, it's still pretty terrible on Android. Like the original summary from a couple years ago, there seemed to be events dropping all over the place. Even just during the test output on the Settings screen (when setting up the key lights), many(!) lights that would get stuck just showing the test pattern. While playing a song, lights got stuck and were often the wrong color. This was with both MIDI "backends" in Synthesia: our own USB driver and/or the Android-M MIDI feature.

So on the iPad it's a delight while wired. On Android, not so much.

That said, I'd never tried The ONE's Android app. After playing a couple songs, it doesn't seem to have any trouble at all. So that makes me curious what Synthesia is doing differently.

To get the Casiotone LK-S250 lights working a few months ago, I resorted to using a USB debugging device to peek at the messages going across the wire. It might be worth trying that same tactic here. It's just plain MIDI, but maybe the technical doc they shared didn't tell the whole story...

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Post by thiagolr » 05-30-20 1:40 pm

Thank you!

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Post by stepir » 06-05-20 6:18 am


what is the current status of the support with an IPAD? does it work properly over BT? I'm considering purchasing it but wanted to check if it's going to be a smooth experience or not.

Thanks in advance

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Post by Nicholas » 06-05-20 12:06 pm

With a wire, it works just fine.

It's not supported over Bluetooth in Synthesia (for the reasons mentioned in the bulleted list just after "To summarize:", here). The short version is that The ONE folks made a hardware design decision that made their job easier but harder for anyone else that wanted to use it.

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Post by stepir » 06-05-20 3:22 pm

thanks Nicholas!

Given your comments I might be sticking around with my custom led bar for the moment.

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