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Post by Tevez80 »


I'm currently creating a video from a midi file which contains 4 different voices (channels).
My aim is to have these four colors, which are available in Synthesia:
- blue
- red
- green
- violet
- yellow (as kind of notification)

I tried different channel numbers but it seems there is no clear logic because the colors are not always the same?!
Is there some logic or is there a way so that I can define which color is which midi channel?

Thanks for any help!
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Post by Nicholas »

So, this is a little strange, but the way the colors are assigned is as follows:

1. Synthesia looks at each track and calculates the average pitch of every note.
2. The tracks are sorted by average pitch (so that on the "Hands, Colors, and Instruments" screen the "left hand" is usually on the left).
3. Colors are assigned (in the standard order shown in the pop-up color selector) in order of that sorted list.

So the track with the lowest pitched notes (on average) will always be blue, etc.
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Post by Tevez80 »

Thanks for that important piece of information!
I'm currently creating some kind of dummy notes at measure 1 to make kind of a "kalibration".
(Putting notes on C-1, C1, C3 etc. and assign channels)

But I would like to ask:
Is there some way to change the order from
Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Lila, Red
Blue, Red, Green, Lila, Yellow, Orange?

E.g. with modding?

I pasted a color.xml file (downloaded from this forum), but there is no change.

Changing the color order would make it much more easier for me to calibrate the colors.

Please remember that I'm currently forced to use V10.4 because of the Black note names for the video creator.

Best regards
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Post by Nicholas »

Unfortunately the color order is totally hard-coded into the app and cannot be changed easily. This would also have to wait until proper support for arbitrary colors is added. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!
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