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Post by Jürg »

Hello Nicholas

As I understand this topic, the colors in Synthesia can be adjusted and you are the professional. Is it also possible to permanently color the individual keys of the keyboard? I work in elmentary music theory with the tonic-sol-fa method and should have the following color assignment:
C = 219, 32, 26 (#AF4382)
D = 224, 153, 69 (#E09945)
E = 255, 240, 96 (#FFF060)
F = 209, 220, 113 (#D1DC71)
G = 0, 144, 134 (#009086)
A = 83, 73, 135 (#534987)
B = 175, 67, 130 (#AF4382)

I didn't manage to do that myself and I would be willing to pay for the work time via PayPal, as long as it doesn't get too expensive.

Best regards

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Post by Jürg »

I'm on a Mac and I fumbled with the colors.xml, but I couldn't get the desired results …
So any help is appreciated!
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Post by Nicholas »

I'm very sorry for the wait on this!

Also, I have more bad news: there isn't a way to use arbitrary colors for the keyboard yet. Almost all of the work has been done and the remaining bits of required technology (in the custom rendering engine that Synthesia is built upon) were completed a couple releases ago. That said, this is something that I've had planned for "after Synthesia 11" for a very long time. The "Proper, arbitrary note colors!" entry in the task list is all the way down on line 1529 right now.

Although, I suppose you could probably make an argument that it should be included in the "been on the list forever" list of embarrassments, which would mean being prioritized a little sooner. This is definitely one of the most popular feature requests that have been made over the years.
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