In app purchase issue on multiple devices ( Already purchased this item).

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Post by Alison872021 »

I have a problem with my in-app purchase. I bought Synthesia a while ago on my Chromebook (unlock now from play store) and I can't use Synthesia on my phone for playing midi songs I uploaded from the internet( I can play the build in songs ). What I understood is that the in- app purchase should be able to be used on multiple devices as long as it's logged in with the same account?!
Inside the app on my phone stated" unlock now for 95 kr"
So I thought I would just pay it again. But it didn't work either. The message stated that I have" already own this item". What can I do to fix this issue? (I purchased Synthesia app from Play Store Feb. 27, 2020)

Thanks heaps.
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Post by Nicholas »

Sorry for the trouble. This is a known issue on Android... sometimes. Google Play doesn't always send the "receipt" to the app the way it's supposed to, so sometimes it takes an app restart, device restart, or even just waiting a while until Google sends the purchase data to your other device.

I've run into it myself on our own test devices and it's very frustrating, sorry!

Google has mandated that by November, apps must switch over to using a newer version of their store API. I was hoping that might fix this problem automatically, so I was planning to switch over sooner rather than later. I've got that item on line 2 of the task list, just after a bug in the sheet music.
So, hopefully, if you continue to have trouble, that change might be coming soon enough to fix the problem for you.
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