Korg Nanokey Studio LIghts midi input

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Post by mikenervous »

New to the forum as was just curious if anyone knows if the korg nanokey studio can use the light up function? Since it is global and has only mini usb to usb-a I just assumed that midi in from the desktop app or ios app would be possible.

The keyboard works great with the ios app for playing I was just hoping to use the light function as well.

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Post by Nicholas »

Have you tried all of the "Key Lights" options when you choose it from the Music Output list on the Settings screen? Ideally they would follow the lead of the other keyboard manufacturers and light the keys whenever it receives a Note On message. (Although, in the last few years I've started to see the trend going in the opposite direction. Casio just started using proprietary messages to light their keys, presumably to lock people into using their app.)
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