Note intensity illustrated by notes bar opacity

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Post by deed02392 »

Some songs mean you only to strike notes very lightly, perhaps with some sustain so that it simply harmonises with other more emphasised chords.

If we could see this as the notes are falling, when learning songs with Synthesia we can recognise this and vary how hard we strike notes accordingly. This will teach us the correct habits to use when learning a piece from the beginning. Otherwise we are confounded by less important notes appearing as to be as significant, as well as the fact that Synthesia is automatically playing back the notes at the correct intensity regardless of how hard we strike a note (essentially rendering the touch sensitive feature on many keyboards pointless).
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Post by svergeylen »


Great idea.

This is also important when we play scores where the recorded notes are displayed with echo. On some midi files, echo notes are also represented and therefore, the score is very difficult to read.

If echos notes (so the notes played at a lower volume / lower velocity) could decrease in opacity, this will lead to get a better view of the main notes.
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Post by sirknight »

it wouldn't be hard to do... you're talking about lifting the volume of the note out of the midi and transcribing it to an opacity.

provided whoever arranged/coded/wrote your midi bothered to enter unique note volumes. I sort of oppose this from a musical standpoint... Seems to me this would just make you emulate rather than create something unique out of every performance. a lot of it has to do with the player, sheet music volume markings are a guide... one piano here at one bar may not be the same piano in another bar... it's what you hear and feel is right taking into account the piece and the notes around it. at least... that's how I feel music is played, things should never be so absolute, imo. Playing music should never be about just playing what's on the sheet.

As a visual artist by day my analogy is, a ruler straight line is a ruler straight line. It's not very alive with character.
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Post by Filipe »

Recently I was testing some black midis and I thought that it would be nice if the note opacity was proportional to the note's intensity, so I can see which notes are more relevant. This would also be interesting to any music as the melody and other important notes would be highlighted.
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Post by Nicholas »

That would be an interesting way to strip off the disguise of the Black MIDI and show the original song that lies underneath.

Maybe there should be a mode that simply filters out notes below a certain note velocity so you can get a nice song out of them instead of just the usual mess. :lol:
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