3D notes?

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It would be cool to have 3D notes in Synthesia like in MIDITrail. 8-) This would operate as follows:

You would click a button in the menu that would switch the view between 3D and 2D. It converts the falling notes/piano to a 3D model and back again. The catch would be more lag, so you would need a more powerful device, but it would look much better, and might actually help with melody practice since we see in 3D too. :idea:

The 3D notes would have clipping - if they are too far away, they would be hidden. They would fade in slowly as they got closer to the piano. This would help you anticipate what note is about to strike and get you ready to play. For the 2D notes, they would just fade in. This is toggleable. Hidden notes are ignored.

3D notes also open up the possibility for specularity and reflections/shadows - the specularity remains white regardless of note colours, while reflections are the same, but ignore hidden notes, and the amount of reflectivity can be adjusted. Shadows are shown on notes and the piano in the 3D mode, but ignores any notes that are hidden. The angle and length of the shadows can also be adjusted, and shadows can also be toggled off. As these all require a very powerful device, these will be off by default. ;)

In 3D mode, you should be able to move the game camera around freely, kind of like in MIDITrail. The game camera should also have an option in 3D mode to be fixed in place. An option to return to the default top-down view in 3D mode is a must. :!:

The lights, shadows and 3D notes would not use RTX, they would use openGL (which is called Metal on macOS).
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Post by Nicholas »

Why not just use MIDITrail? :lol:
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Post by MSQE »

I think, beacuse he and all LIKES SYNTHESIA!!
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