Speed change up/down by specified amount on successful/unsuccessful loops?

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Post by Electrode »

I was wondering how easy it would be to implement a subtle little positive/negative feedback loop (heh) within the looping feature, where if you make a specified number of mistakes, the loop repeats and the speed goes down by a percentage amount you set. Of course, if you do not hit your mistake limit, the speed will go up by that amount, instead. This would take a lot of the manual work out of gauging the right speed you should be at for your loops, and it will avoid the current behaviour of sticking with looping at a slower speed than you should be practising at, just because you're already looping and don't want to manually change the speed each time (for the purpose of being more efficient with your practice).
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Post by kohasz »

Rocksmith has that and it is very nice.
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Post by Nicholas »

I actually like this idea a lot. It's similar in spirit to the existing "Restart loop after N errors" feature. (I would argue the two pair nicely together. If you make so many mistakes that the loop needs to restart, it makes sense to slow the song down a little bit, too.)

It wouldn't take much more than adding a couple check boxes to that same loop control UI. Because this is so small but could potentially add so much value, it's the kind of thing I'd like to prioritize sooner rather than later. If Synthesia 11 is going to wrap up as quickly as I hope it might (because of my recent Lomse discovery), this is the type of thing I'd try to get near the top of the list just after that.
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