Remember metronome and speed settings per practice mode

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I've once again started to work my way through a number of pieces and after a longer break it really helps me to follow the listen / melody / rythm / concert path, one after another and mostly hands together where possible.

This works pretty well, but I've noticed that I find it counter intuitive to this routine, that speed and metronome settings are song specific and not saved with the practice type.

The reason is that during a practice session I would like to typically:
  • Listen to the song at 100% and no metronome.
  • Practice the melody (typically at 100%, but not so important as I can play slower) and without the metronome.
  • Practice the rythm with the metronome and typically at a low speed to start with (to which I would like to get back to the next time I practice).
  • Play the concert without the metronome at 100.
Going through all 4 modes during the practice of a few short songs means I'm constantly turning the metronome on and off and changing the speed. Apparently the keyboard view is practice mode specific, so that makes me hope this might somehow be implemented without breaking something big.

So I would highly appreciate to either have a choice to have the metronome and speed setting saved individually per mode or to make this behaviour a global option.

For me this is with regards to the iPad version, I don't know if the Windows config possibly already offers such a setting and wether you could make that available in some "advanced feature" mode on the iPad as well.
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