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Post by jeevan121 »

Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding the music library we get when we purchase synthesia.

Do we get different libraries when we purchase on Ipad vs if I purchase the unlock key? In the website, in the music library I can see Nuvole Bianche as well but on Ipad, I cannot see the same song.
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Post by Bavi_H »

I believe the built-in songs are the same in all versions of Synthesia. But be aware that Synthesia may be searching for songs in other locations.

For example, in the Windows version, the first time you run Synthesia it will search for songs in the the Desktop, Documents, and Music folders of your user account as well as from its built-in songs.

In the Settings, go to the Songs page to see and change what locations are searched for songs.

Built-in Song List (from the post Re: A List Available with the 150 Included Songs on Synthesia?)
Adding Songs (from the Synthesia website Support page)
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