Multiple loiops

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I find Synthesia great for practise and learning pieces. Something that would make it far better for this purpose is the ability to have, say, 10 different loops or so defined for a single file, which can then be switched between. It would also be nice to be able to copy/paste loop points between midi files (as if I tweak midi slightly, Synthesia sees it as a completely new file, and forgets where the loop was before).
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Post by Nicholas »

The way this is usually handled in Synthesia is with the bookmark feature. You can make lots of bookmarks that are all saved. Then, the (rather robust) set of shortcuts for creating and shuffling loops between bookmarks becomes very useful.

You can "walk" the loop forward to the next pair of bookmarks with a single action so once you're done practicing one section you can move onto the next easily.

For copy-pasting information between songs (or variations on songs), the metadata editor lets you reassign metadata.
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