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Post by harpsichordplayer »

Hello everyone!

Quick question: I'm on macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and Synthesia 10.9.5893.
When trying to load soundfonts (.sf2) into Synthesia I can't get them to show up under "Built-in Midi Synthesizer". I don't even have the "Reverb" slider.
Why is this so?
Synthesia is already set for searching the folders where my MIDI files as well as my .sf2 files are located.

Thanks in advance!
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Post by Bavi_H »

Unfortunately, I think the SoundFont and Reverb settings are not yet available on the Mac version. These features are part of the BASS library synthesizer, which is not yet in the Mac version of Synthesia.

In the thread Is Synthesia 11 going to have SF2 support on macOS?, look at the replies from the Synthesia developer Nicholas on 2023-02-20 and 2023-03-10. Nicholas explains the BASS synthesizer was first added to Windows and Android, then later added to iOS. Nicholas says he's purchased the BASS license for macOS, but hasn't yet purchased a license to use the VoiceCrystal sound set along with it:
Nicholas wrote: 02-20-23 3:03 pmI've already got the software license and I'm pretty sure adding it to the Mac version will only take a few minutes.

I think the only missing piece is that I still need to pay VoiceCrystal for permission to include their sound set as the default SF2 in the Mac version. That is also a per-platform license.
Nicholas wrote: 03-10-23 11:03 am I still haven't scheduled when I was planning to add it. Because macOS's built-in synth is generally well-behaved and the sound set license fee for each platform is fairly expensive, it wasn't exactly at the top of my priority list.

See also:

On this website, go to Support > Changing instrument sounds:
This guide covers features that are only found in the Windows, Android, and iPad versions of Synthesia.

In Synthesia, go to Settings > Advanced > View Readme and Legal Information, then scroll down to the section about Synthesia 10.5:
The Windows and Android versions of Synthesia now include a built-in MIDI synthesizer (based on the delighful BASS audio library). [...]

The new synth has a Reverb effect setting available [...]

In addition to the built-in Voice Crystal® sound set, the new synth can use any SoundFont (SF2) you like. [...]
The items that mention "the new synth" are referring to the BASS library synthesizer.

Previously: After looking at a video of the Mac version of Synthesia, I noticed on the Mac version, the "Built-in MIDI Synthesizer" settings page has all the same settings available as any of the other Music Output devices, and there is no "Reverb" or "Sound set" options. (See the post Re: Notes stopped on my midi songs. In particular, that post is discussing how the Mac "Built-in MIDI Synthesizer" has a "Key Lights" setting that doesn't really make sense for the Built-In MIDI Synthesizer, and if it is set to "Finger-based channel" then notes are ended immediately after they start.)
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